Good to know about Siquijor Island
Siquijor Island is located in Central Visayas southeast of Cebu and Negros, southwest of Bohol and north of Mindanao. In 2010 Siquijor counted a population of 91,066 people.
Siquijor Island is the third smallest province in the country and back in time it was part of Negros Oriental and before that also of Bohol. The island became independent in 1971.

The capital of the island is Siquijor town, the main port is Larena. During the Spanish colonial period the island was called ‘isla del fuego’ (island of fire). Siquijor, especially by locals, is seen as a place with very mystic traditions. Many Filipinos would never go to Siquijor because they are afraid of witches and black magic they say is used there.

Nevertheless it’s worth going there. The amazing landscape, waterfalls, caves and nice beaches make it an unforgettable place. The island is pretty quiet so if you are looking to party that’s the wrong place and you’d better stay in Dumaguete. But for a day or two it’s a nice destination which has quite a lot to offer.