Good to know about Puerto Princesa
Puerto Princesa is located on the island Palawan about 306 nautical miles southwest of Manila.
To the East you can find the Sulu Sea; to the West the South China Sea is located. In 2010 the city counted 222,673 inhabitants. Puerto Princesa is, with a total area of 2539.8 km² (980.6 mi²), the largest city on the Philippines.
Puerto Princesa is one out of only 38 cities on the Philippines not being controlled by the province in which it geographically is located. Therefore the city is an independent area located within Palawan, even if it is the provincial seat of government.
Puerto Princesa won several awards, for example for being “the greenest and cleanest component city on the Philippines” or for their “Clean and Green” program. The city is also the first carbon neutral city in the whole country. You will soon feel the difference compared to other places on the Philippines. There are plenty of trash cans and you are not even allowed to through a cigarette butt on the ground.

Puerto Princesa is the perfect starting point for trips to waterfalls, the underground river as well as for some small islands or famous destinations like El Nido.