Good to know about Calauit Island
Calauit Island is situated on the north western coast of Palawan.
Next to Palawan's indigenous species the island is home to giraffes, zebras and other African wildlife. This place displays one of late dictator Ferdinand Marco’ s intriguing legacies who in the 1970’s initially imported eight species of animals from Kenya to the remote island of Calauit to save them from extinction.

Giraffes, zebras, impalas, waterbucks, bushbucks, gazelles, elands and topis were among the animals shipped to the Philippines. At this time under a Marco’s degree locals were moved elsewhere to make space for the new, unknown inhabitants and bamboo forests were cleared to resemble the savannahs of Kenya.
In 1977 the island was declared a game preserve and wildlife sanctuary as a response to an appeal by the IUCN (the International Union of Conservation of Nature) to save endangered animals in Africa.

Calauit Island with its area of about 3,700 hectares is now home to many different species of animals. African wildlife like consisting of giraffes, zebras, or elands are now living harmoniously in co-existence with endemic animals like the Palawan peacock pheasant, the Palawan bearcat, the mousedeer, the Philippine crocodile and many more now. The island is also home to more than 70 different species of birds.

Calauit Island really is a showcase of wildlife conservation. Animal and nature lovers should definitely go there. You will love it!