Good to know about Negros
Negros Island, a well-known island of the Philippines, is located in Eastern Visayas as well as
Central Visayas. The island is divided into two provinces: Negros Occidental which belongs to Western Visayas and Negros Oriental which is part of Central Visayas.

The capital of Negros Occidental is Bacolod City, Dumaguete the one of Negros Oriental.
In 2010, the island had a total population of about 4.2 Mio people.
Negros Occidental counted more than 2.87 Mio people, Negros Oriental only a bit more than 1.28 Mio. inhabitants.

Negros Occidental is the country’s main sugar producing province, contributing more than half of the country’s total production.
Also one of the most active volcanoes on the Philippines, the “Kanlaon Volcano” can be found on Negros Occidental overlooking Bacolod.

The main dialect in this part of Negros is Ilonggo. Of course, Tagalog and English are spoken as well.
On Negros Occidental you can find great beaches, amazing diving spots, untouched landscape and authentic, very friendly people.

On Negros Oriental, on the other hand, the main language is Cebuano. This area seems to be bit more developed than its counterpart Negros Occidental.

Around the city of Dumaguete there are plenty of great things to do and it is often used as a starting point for people going to Siquijor, Bohol or just for some day trips like Apo Island, the twin lakes or the Malatapay market.

This island is probably one of the highlights of the Philippines. Make sure you don’t miss out on it.