Good to know about Dauin
Dauin is a municipality on Negros Island, more precisely on Negros Oriental. It’s about 30 minutes from Dumaguete and borders in the north Bacong and in the south Zamboanguita.
This coastal town is divided into 23 barangays. One of them, for example, is the, especially among divers, well known Apo island. In 2010 Dauin had 25,239 inhabitants.

Divers love Dauin because of its amazing dive sites, not only on Apo Island island but also just from the shore. You can find coral reef as well as mug dive possibilities. The municipality, really trying to preserve the amazing underwater world, has established several sanctuaries where it is absolutely prohibited to go fishing or even boating. If you are not a diver, you can still get a great impression of the underwater world. Just right in front of most of the resorts or at the marine sanctuary at “Poblacion Uno”, you can see great corals, turtles and other nice things when snorkeling.

Dauin is a very nice, quiet place not far from the city where, if needed, you can get everything but still not too close to the mostly way too hot and crowded streets of Dumaguete.