Explore Balanan Lake
There are many things you can do at Balanan Lake. Grab a good book and have some relaxing days. If you are up for more, chose from the following options.

You can get a tour guide who paddles you to the other side of the lake from where you can walk to a nice waterfall. If you want to do this trip on your own, follow the path around the lake, passing by the tree house. You’ll need quite some energy to cross the lake since you have to move the raft on your own which can be pretty exhausting but great fun. On the other side just follow the path again until you reach the opposite side of where you have come from. From there it is just a few minutes walk to the falls.

Rent a canoe
A really nice activity is to rent a canoe and paddle on the lake for a while. Just enjoy the silence and scenery!

It might seem a bit weird but it is not really allowed to swim in the lake. The reason behind this rule was not really obvious to us. Since it doesn’t have to do with dangerous animals or other threats in the water there have probably been some incidents in the past. Anyway you can talk to the staff and sign a form that you take full responsibility for swimming in the lake.

Natural Pools
Surrounded by massive, old trees the “pool area” is located a bit outside the resort. Just ask the staff where to go. This also is a great place to hang out at. You can find three natural pools with refreshing water where you can swim and relax.