Good to know about Apo Island
Apo Island is a wonderful tiny island about 25 minutes south of Dumaguete (Negros). This volcanic island has an area of twelve hectars.
In 2010 Apo Island counted a population of 918 people. The islet is a barangay of Dauin (Negros Oriental). It is a very well-known place among divers since it offers some amazing dive sites with untouched corals and lots of fish. It is probably one of the best diving destinations on the Philippines.

The island itself is a fantastic place, something you’ve probably never seen before. No streets, only small paths through the whole island and tranquility all day long. Just a few Sari Sari stores offer basic things and electricity is only available between 6pm and 10pm.

Apo Island is a paradise for divers and people who just want to relax. Here you can leave your everyday live behind.