How to get to Cebu City
The Mactan-Cebu International Airport is the 2nd largest airport in the Philippines. Many national as well as international airlines fly there. It´s located in Mactan Island, about 30 minutes – 1 hour away from Cebu (depending on the traffic).
When you arrive at the airport make sure that you go to the “Departure area” to catch a taxi. At the “Arrival area” there are only taxis with fixed prices (even if you tell them that you want the fare meter to be used, it’s not possible). Here the price is about 300 Pesos to Cebu which is too high. Normally you pay between 120-150 Pesos.

Of course, you can reach Cebu by boat from many different destinations as well. One of the operating companies is Oceanjet. You can find the actual schedule on their website.

Coming from another destination on Cebu or Negros, you can also reach the City by bus. The main bus company is Ceres Liner. You can see the yellow buses everywhere. Just go to the bus station and there you will find plenty of busses going to many different destinations. Be aware that a bus ride, even to a place which seems pretty close on the map, can take a while. That’s because busses are not only stopping at bus stations but everywhere somebody wants to get on/off the bus.
This can definitely prolong your journey. Aircon busses which are a bit more expensive are mostly faster because they do not stop that many times as most of the locals travel on non aircon busses.