Good to know about Camotes Island
Four out of the 7107 islands of the Philippines form the ‘Camotes Island’.
These four islands are called: Pacijan Island (San Francisco town), Poro Island (Poro and Tudela town), Ponson Island (Pilar town) and Tulang. Tulang island which is an island barangay of San Francisco. The population of these islands in 2010 was 92,278 people.

One story tells that the island group got its name from the Spanish who were asking farming locals for the name of the island. The locals thought that they were asking about what they were digging. So they told them Camotes (Camotes is a sweet potato which is used very often on the Philippines) and the name of the island was born.

The islands are situated east of Cebu Island, North of Bohol and southwest of Leyte.

Compared to other islands on the Philippines, Camotes is pretty special – as you will see right away. Travelling by motorbike you very often have the feeling of driving in an alley. On the side of the roads people plant very nice flowers and most of the houses have low colored fences. Everything looks pretty welcoming.

You find plenty of trash cans but on Pacijan Island you can’t find plastic bags which is really weird as you normally get a plastic bag for everything. At the market in San Francisco people buy bags they can reuse. The major seems to be pretty strict when it comes to environmental issues. San Francisco looks like a well-organized, quiet place which is also pretty clean. Nice-looking flowers are to be seen everywhere.

All in all Camotes Island is a quiet place a little bit off the beaten track which is totally worth a visit.

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