Explore Camotes Island
If you don’t want to hang out on the beach all day you should really rent a motorbike and explore the islands on your own. The 2 Philippine restaurants on the beach of Santiago on Pacijan Island close to the Payag Resort rent out motorbikes for 500 Pesos a day. Otherwise you can also just ask around and rent it from a private person. Roads are pretty decent and there are a lot of things to see:

The holy cave
That’s a pretty adventurous experience. This private cave can be found on Pacijan Island in the town of Union. Just ask locals there to show you the way.
The guy who shows you around discovered this cave in 1996 while he was collecting fire wood. There are amazing stalagmites and stalactites inside. Also human bones were found inside this cave. You can “walk” inside for about half an hour. As you have to crawl sometimes on the ground be aware that you will get pretty dirty.
The discoverer, a pretty religious man, believes seeing figures of Jesus, Mary and other saints in the stalagmites/stalactites. It’s a pretty weird experience and sometimes as well a bit scary because it is so narrow in there.
The Barangay does not support this project as it is on private property which is very sad as it really is a place to go. The entrance fee (including the guide) is 20 Pesos (as of June 2011). So if you are ready for an adventure that’s a great place to start.

Bukilat Cave
One of the more touristy caves is the “Bukilat Cave”. This cave was used as a shelter from the Japanese during World War II and is named after its founder “Bukilat”.
The cave is situated in McArthur, Tudela on Poro Island. If you are travelling by motorbike, once you arrive in Tudela ask some locals how to go there to make sure you take the correct intersection as most of the time it is not really signposted. The entrance fee is 10 Pesos per capita (prices as of June 2011).
It’s a pretty big cave with seawater pools inside. The water level rises and falls with the local tide. You can also swim in there. It is a very nice place to see but you probably just going to spend a short time there.

Tangub Cave
This cave is really a place for cave lovers. If you are not such a cave lover you don’t need to go there. First of all, it is pretty hard to find since there are no signs on the way and it is pretty much up the hills. It is located on Poro Island in the hills close to Tigues. Ask locals in Tigues for the best way to go there.
The entrance fee is 10 Pesos, headlight rental is 10 Pesos as well (prices as of June 2011). As it is really dark inside the cave, it is advisable to take a light with you. You should really go there with closed shoes as it is dirty and you actually don’t really know where you step into. If you only wear flip flops you won’t make it far inside.
Already after a few steps down you will become aware of the very bad smell which might make you leave the cave quite soon. There are also lots of bats as well as many other animals (some of them kind of look like huge cockroaches or grasshoppers) on the walls. Furthermore, this cave is home to a bird which locals call “Sayaw” (swiftlet). The nests of these birds are often collected for the famous Chinese bird’s nest soup. Luckily in the Tangub cave it is prohibited to take out birds or their nests. As already said, just go there if you are a real cave enthusiast otherwise you will probably leave soon after having entered the cave.

Panganuron Falls
This waterfall can be found on Poro Island in Barangay Libertad, about 45 minutes walk inland on a pretty rough trail. Take a guide otherwise you won’t find the way. Just ask some locals who will organize a guide for you. The path leads you directly through the jungle many times up the hill and it is a pretty exhausting walk. Upon arrival you will find a very nice waterfall with cool fresh water to swim in. Relax for a while before you are heading down again.

Lake Danao
Lake Danao, the biggest and only freshwater lake on Cebu is located in the northern part of Pacijan Island. Behind the town of Union you can find the “Carmen – Lake Danao Fishery Complex” where research on the freshwater fish tilapia is carried out. You can have a swim there but there is no place where you can really relax.
If you want to have a picnic, go fishing or boating you should visit the “Lake Danao Park”. From Union going back in the direction of Campo you have to turn left after only a few minutes heading down back to the lake. Ask some locals if there is no sign showing you the way.

Altavista Lookout
To get to the so called “Altavista View” go to Poro town and ask for the road going up to the Lookout. Almost until Altavista you can find a concrete road but then it gets pretty bumpy. Once arrived, you can enjoy an amazing view. You can see Lake Danao on Pacijan Island as well as Tulang Island to the west and Leyte to the north. Unfortunately there are no cabanas anymore. As there are also no trash cans, lots of garbage is spread out over the area which destroys some of its beauty. Nobody really seems to care anymore about this very nice place.

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