Good to know about Bantayan Island
Bantayan Island is situated northwest of Cebu respectively northeast of Negros Oriental. The island is part of the province Cebu, the capital is Bantayan City which is located in the southwestern part of the island.

Most of the tourists stay in Santa Fe (south-east of Bantayan City). It is a quiet place with great white sandy beaches und cheap resorts.

Bantayan City is just a 10km ride away from Santa Fe. At the port you can find a lively market where you can buy fruits, vegetables, fish or meat as well as clothes, shoes or CD/DVD´s etc.

Also boats to/from Negros start/arrive here. As on most of the islands on the Philippines you should rent a motorbike to explore the island on your own. Whether on the highway, in the forest or right next to the sea you will definitely find lovely places and friendly people.

There are no snorkeling or diving spots on Bantayan Island but you can charter a boat to Virgin Island (about 1000 Pesos for 4 people) to snorkel there.