Good to know about Panglao Island
Panglao Island is a small island southwest of the island Bohol and east of Cebu. In 2010 the island had a total population of 68,051 people. It is divided into two municipalities: Panglao (with 28,603 people) and Dauis (39,448 people).

Talking about Panglao, most of the people immediately think about Alona Beach which is the main tourist destination on this island.
Like in Boracay you can find an amazing white beach and crystal clear water. Unfortunately, like in Boracay this place has also lost lots of its former beauty and charm. You can find one resort after another and plenty of restaurants and bars directly on the beach and it gets really crowded during the high season.
Locals are trying to sell you bracelets, T-shirts and other souvenirs while you lie on the beach and try to relax and probably not even 5 minutes pass by and somebody will ask you if you want to have a massage.

This is Alona Beach especially during the peak season. If you are not that much into partying and meeting plenty of people, go there in the off season: you can see the beauty of this place much better and it will be possible to relax.

Panglao Island is one of the main tourist destinations on the Philippines mostly because of its great diving. Especially “Balicasag” is very much loved among divers. Most of the dive centers go there at least every second day.

If you are not a diver you can still enjoy the great beach, good food and night life. If you, however, want to relax, get off the beaten track and experience the beauty and authenticity of this country you should choose a different destination.