Good to know about Bohol Island
Bohol Island is the main island of Bohol Province, situated in the Central Visayas Region. In 2010 the island counted a population of 1,187,077 people. It is situated southeast of Cebu Island and southwest of Leyte. To the south of Bohol Island you can find Mindanao, one of the three main regions of the Philippines.
With an area of 3269 km² (1,262.2 sq mi) Bohol Island is the tenth largest island of the Philippines. The island is surrounded by 73 smaller islands. That’s also the reason why Bohol Island is hardly affected by typhoons and therefore offers a mild and pleasant climate all year round.

Most people visit Bohol Island because of the famous Chocolate Hills or the tarshier. But also the area around Loboc is totally worth seeing.