Good to know about Bohol
Bohol is an island province situated in the Central Visayas Region. Its total area is about 4,117.3 square kilometers (about 1589 sq miles). To its west you can find the island Cebu, northeast the island Leyte and to the south you can find Mindanao.
The capital of Bohol is Tacbilaran City and in 2010 the population of the province was 1,255,128 people.

Due to the fact that Bohol is surrounded by other islands on all sides it is hardly affected by the typhoons and heavy rains that normally occur in that region. With an average daytime temperature of about 28°C (82.4° F) and rare showers, the months of November to April represent the mildest time of the year. From May to July you can expect higher temperatures and very humid days. From August to October it is the time of the southwest monsoon. During these months the weather is not really predictable.

Tourists come here mainly because of the great diving on Panglao Island or the Chocolate Hills. But there is much more to see on Bohol…