Accommodation in Donsol
In Donsol you can either stay in town where you can find the more reasonable priced accommodation or you can stay on the beach close to the Visitors Center from where the whale shark watching trips start.
All in all accommodation in Donsol is pretty pricy.

The cheapest resort we could find on the beach was the “Soreline Beach Resort” with clean rooms and an ok restaurant. The beach in front of the resort was not amazing but so is no beach in Donsol. The more expensive resorts offer swimming pools. A fan bungalow was 700 Pesos per night. If you stay more than 2 nights, they reduce the rate to 600 Pesos a night (prices as of June 2011). This place is about a 10 minutes’ walk from the Visitors Center.

If you want to check out some resorts before you decide where to stay, just ask a tricycle driver to do a round with you checking out different places.