Good to know about Donsol
Donsol is a coastal town located in the northwestern part of the Sorsogon province on the peninsula of Bicol in southern Luzon.
It is divided in 51 barangays and in 2010 the town had a population of 47,563 people.

Donsol is better known as the whale shark capital of the world which is the main reason why tourists go there. Locals had known about the presence of these giant animals for more than 100 years but they believed that these animals were dangerous. In 1998 a group of divers discovered the whale sharks in the waters outside Donsol and filmed them. They passed the video to the media and the WWF and from this time on Donsol has started its way up as one of the major tourist destinations of the Philippines.

Between the months of November and June (peak time between February and May) whale sharks or as locals call them “Butanding” can be seen just right outside the coast of Donsol. It is even possible to swim/snorkel with these huge, amazing animals.

As the whale sharks move on starting in June, so do the tourists and in the off season the town is pretty much empty. It is a real adventure to swim with the giant whale sharks. If you have never experienced that before, you should definitely go there.