Good to know about Banaue
Banaue is just an amazing place; a small mountain town (1200m/3937ft high) right in the middle of the rice terraces. You won´t find many places which are as authentic as Banaue. On the world-heritage list, this place is not only impressive because of its beautiful terraces but also because they were created about 2000 years ago.

The best time to go there is in June/July (before harvest) or February/March (cleaning and planting time). In contrast to other famous “rice terrace places” they only have one planting a year in Banaue (March).
It´s just great to see the well grown rice plants everywhere in the months of June or July. The disadvantage if you go there during that time is that it rains a lot. But that shouldn´t be too big of a problem. Just take a rain coat or an umbrella and walk through the rice fields. You will encounter indigenous people who grave traditional figures or weave authentic blankets or other nice things.

In the many souvenir shops you will find some authentic goodies to bring back home. As in many other small towns on the Philippines you won’t find an ATM here.