Dive Apo Island
Welcome to diver’s paradise! The dive sites you can find at Apo Island are just amazing. Every dive is unique and unforgettable. Unfortunately the typhoon which hit the area in December 2011 totally destroyed the reef at the back of the island. At the moment it is not possible to dive there as they are trying to rebuild it.

But this is absolutely no reason to skip this place since there are other very good dive sites at the front of the island which haven’t been damaged at all by the storm.

This dive site is located just right at the front of the island. It is a wall dive but already before you get to the wall you can see great corals and sometimes even turtles. Following the wall you can find, nudibranches, morey eels, scorpion leaf fish and much more. There is a tiny cave where you can spot very nice things. Watch out for scorpion fish (dragon head) on the ground! At the end of the dive you will find amazing, untouched corals everywhere. Mostly you will see turtles here. It is an easy, unforgettable dive site especially when there is a lot of sun!

This is also a dive very much liked by divers. Before you can go there your boat crew will check the strengths of the current since it can get dangerous if it is too strong. It definitely is a dive site for experienced divers. In case of a nice current you can enjoy the great scenery by just floating by! Other nice dive sites on Apo Island are “Largahan” where you can see next to great corals rare things in the sand as well as, “Rock West” or “Rock East” with lots of fish, turtles and beautiful corals.

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