Dive Malapascua Island
There are plenty of dive shops on the island. Most of them belong to the big resorts and therefore are the more expensive ones.

If you want to spend less money, check out “Safety Stop Divers” next to Ging Ging’s eatery. This is a Philippine owned dive shop with fair prices. One dive with your own equipment is 1000 Pesos. You also have to pay a government fee of 150 Pesos a day (prices as of June 2011).

Probably the main reason for divers going to Malapascua Island, are the treasure sharks which can be sighted at the “Shark point” or “Monad Shoal” dive site.
You will leave the island early in the morning at around 5am. After a boat ride of about 25 minutes you reach the dive site. Going down to about 25 meters (about 82 feet) you’ll just quietly wait there hoping a treasure shark will pass by. Sometimes you are lucky to see Manta rays as well. This dive site doesn’t have anything else to offer. So if you do not see any sharks or rays, the dive will be pretty boring. You should still try it because if you see them it’s just great.

Another great dive site is, for example, the “North point”. Going down to about 22 meters, at first sight it does not seem to be a special place. But you will soon find out that there is a lot to see. Great nudibranchs and very nice corals are only a few things you get to see there.

Check also out the “Deep Rock”, a dive site about 28m deep where you can see nice soft corals, of course plenty of nudibranchs, moray eels, lion fish and much more.

You should also not miss out on a night dive at the “Lighthouse” where you can see the famous mandarin fish. Unfortunately, even in the low season many divers will be at this dive site trying to get a good picture of the tiny fish so that it can get a bit annoying underwater as well. Besides the mandarin fish there are nice things like e.g. scorpion fish to see.

If you are not a diver, the great underwater flora and fauna offer a lot to see even while snorkelling. Some resorts offer snorkelling trips. Another possibility is to find a local fisherman who will take you to great snorkelling spots.

Enjoy great food in between your dives in one of the many restaurants on the island where you can get almost everything you want. All the big resorts offer local and international cuisine for a bit more money than you would spend at local eateries.
If you are travelling on a budget, you should go to Ging Ging’s eatery in the interior of the island where you can get great Filipino food for a fair price.
They have a huge menu and the food is pretty good. It’s a very popular spot among travelers and during lunch and dinner time it’s quite full. If you walk in the interior of the island, in front of local houses there are a couple of eateries where you can either get ready made food or you can e.g. also get rice and egg for a Filipino breakfast or order grilled fish or chicken for your dinner. This will be way cheaper and at least as good as food in some of the big resorts and you are supporting the locals. Even if it looks a bit weird and not as welcoming as the big restaurants give it a chance, try it and get to know the Filipino way of eating.

If you really feel like having great European cuisine and you are willing to spend more money, go to “Ristorante Angelina”. This is an amazing Italian restaurant where you can get real Italian pizza and pasta totally worth its price. The restaurant is next to “Tepanee Beach Resort”.