Good to know about Malapascua Island
Malapascua is a small island about 8 kilometres north east of Cebu.
In 2010 the island had a population of 4,496 people , the capital of the island is Logon.

The name "Malapascua" means “bad” or “unfortunate Christmas”. It’s said that the Spanish arrived on a stormy Christmas day and gave the island its name. People on the island make their living by fishing; in the early 90s the island was discovered for tourism. This tiny island is really worth a visit – divers especially go there for the famous treasure sharks. And if you are lucky you also get to see manta rays. Furthermore the well-known mandarin fish is resident there. In between your dives you can enjoy pristine beaches and yummy food.

As with other famous places like Boracay or Alona Beach, going there in the off season can save you a lot of money and stress assuming that you have good weather of course.

If you like meeting many people you better go there in the high season as in the low season starting in June there are not many tourists on the island at all and restaurants are mostly empty in the evening.

Since there is no ATM on the island, make sure that you bring enough cash. Big resorts may take credit cards or even foreign currency.