Good to know about Mindanao
Mindanao is the second largest island on the Philippines as well as next to Luzon and the Visayas one of the three main island groups of the country.

The island of Mindanao is also called “the land of promise” because the land is full of natural resources and therefore has a vast economical potential.

With 94.630 square kilometers Mindanao almost makes up one third of the total area of the Philippines. The island is also the eighth most populous island in the world. Mindanao is larger than 125 countries worldwide including the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Taiwan or Ireland. To the west of the island you can find the Sulu Sea, to the east the Philippine Sea, the Celebes Sea is located to the south and the Mindanao Sea to its north.

The island is divided in six administrative regions and in 2010 it counted a total population of 21,968,174 people.

With 2.954m Mount Apo is the highest mountain on the Philippines. It can be found about 32km south west of Davao City and is a popular destination for many tourists.

Cebuano is generally spoken by most of the people on Mindanao. But of course there are several different dialects like the Spanish based creole, Chavacano which is the official language of Zamboanga City or one of its six dialects, Zamboangueño Chavacano which is also known as a minority language in Sabah and Malaysia.

The majority of the population (more than 60%) are Christians and about 32% are Muslims which can be found mostly in the southern part of the island.

From time to time there are still troubles on Mindanao since there still are small groups calling for a separate Islamic state in the south of the Philippines.

While it is supposed to be very save in the northern parts of Mindanao, especially on Camiguin Island or Siargao Island (you definitely should not miss these places) as well as in and around Davao many tourists, especially women, don’t go to the south of the island.
For this reason we also focused on the northern islands of Mindanao and totally skipped the south.