Good to know about Mindoro
The island Mindoro is the seventh-largest island of the Philippines and is located northeast of Palawan and off the coast of Luzon. It is divided into two provinces: Oriental Mindoro and Occidental Mindoro.
In 2010 the island counted a total population of 1,238,573 people. 785,602 of them were living in Oriental Mindoro, 452,971 in the province Occidental Mindoro.

Mindoro is very well known for its great diving. It is one of the Philippine’s most famous diving destinations. Puerto Galera for example is highly frequented by divers from all over the world all year round.

If you are on a diving trip, you should really put this place on your list. It can get crowded and you can definitely find more beautiful places on the Philippines but for the diving it’s totally worth it.