About us
Travelling the Philippines is an independent website. We are young backpackers who have been traveling around the world, especially on the Philippines. Our main focus is providing travel information for the Philippines in particular for backpackers. Of course you will also find some information on, e.g., more expensive resorts but basically we want to tell you about the low budget way of travelling - therefore we created the following sections:

“The Philippines” where you will find general information on the Philippines like historical facts, the climate or the language. “Explore” with information on islands including accommodation, trips or how to get there and “Diving” with special information for divers, recommended places etc.

You may wonder why some places are described in a more detailed way than others or why you can’t find some places at all… That’s because we only want to give you information on places, accommodation etc. we have been to – we prefer “first hand” info!
Enjoy our website and the Philippines!

If you have been to some places yourself, go ahead and post info and give some advice to others!

Your Travelling the Philippines Team